A major element that ties any house together and adds to its visual appeal involves the paint colour scheme. While furniture and size matter, the colour of the room can have an undeniable impact on how a viewer sees the room or feels in it! At this point, it is interesting to note that the colour, shade, texture and quality of paint all play an equal yet critical role in how a house feels or looks.

Considering the importance of indoor paints, Bluebird Paints has created this detailed guide for all the questions that are posed by homeowners while deciding on indoor paints. The guide allows homeowners to take into account the different factors while considering indoor paints for redecoration and revamps.

1- Choosing a colour scheme?

Deciding on a colour scheme for the house can be pretty exciting as well as challenging because of the different options available. The simplest way to find the right shade for indoor painting is to make decisions on the colour of the furniture.  Moreover, while picking shades it is important to like the darkest colour on the sample card that lies on the end of the spectrum because of the darkest colour resonates with you then medium or mild tones of the same would also be preferable. Additionally trying swatches by painting small blocks in different areas of the house can also help in determining which colour would be apt. A swatch helps visualize how an entire wall would look by providing a visual aid/sample which is why it is highly recommended.

Aside from the colour scheme, it is important to decide the finish or texture of the paint being used. Currently, homeowners have much more options for their houses and rooms as compared to archaic times. In addition to the conventional semi-gloss and high-gloss finishes, modern paint providers also provide different effects. For example, Bluebird provides stucco which is a high-quality water-based product which is ideal to create a marble effect. Plywood. Similarly, homeowners have the option of choosing SilGlow Artisan as well. This kind of paint finish creates a pearlescent effect. Similarly, the SilGlow Frost creates a beautiful frost effect on walls whereas the KrystalGlow creates a crystal effect. The best part of Bluebird’s Stucco Marble, SilGlow, SilGlow Frost and KyrstalGlow is that it is a topcoat which is specially formulated for interior use on plaster, concrete, gypsum, and board. 

2- Knowing the key traffic areas in your house?

Once the colours and finishes have been decided, the kind of paint (oil-based or water-based) needs to be decided on the traffic areas within the house.  The entryway, kitchen and bathroom as considered high-traffic areas usually because of the heat generated in these rooms. Maintaining such areas and ensuring the paint stays intact is very challenging. Such areas require paint with high protection that is long-lasting as well as heat and water-resistant. Bluebird Matt Enamel is a premium eggshell finish, water-based enamel, specially formulated for high-traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. The best part of using such paint in exposed areas or key traffic areas within the house is that it is washable. Maintenance and after-care of kitchens, bathrooms and entryways are possible because of the ability of Bluebird paints to be cleaned with water. An eggshell finish is not only stain-resistant but also smooth and visually appealing.

3- Knowing whether to make rooms look big or snug?

The homeowner needs to have a vision for their indoor surfaces to be able to decide the kind of paint and colour for their rooms. For example, if a person wishes for his or her house to have a very cozy and snug vibe then warmer hues would be ideal. Darker hues create a sense of warmth which makes the person visiting the room feel calm and snug. As opposed to this, lighter hues are known to make spaces feel bigger than they are. Shades of white and grey are examples of lighter hues that open up small spaces.

4- Knowing the importance of ceilings and sunlight!

As mentioned above, lighter shades and colours can add depth to a room and make it seem more spacious than the room is. Similarly, the use of lighter shades of ceilings can allow homeowners to create an illusion of height in smaller rooms. A white ceiling can make a room look airy and open. Similarly, a tip for homeowners that do not wish to paint their ceilings white is to use the same colour for their walls on the ceiling. However, the only difference is that the ceiling in rooms and halls should be two or three tones lighter than the shade of the wall to create an illusion of space. Whereas for the bathroom, the walls and ceiling can be painted the same colour because the room is often small. However, while painting the bathrooms, rooms and windows, homeowners should remember that warmer shades lose their tones because of lack of contact with sunlight. North-facing rooms are prone to receiving cooler and hasher light so colour decisions for that part of the house should be made accordingly. Similarly, east-facing rooms are bright but they eventually become cooler therefore, some recommendations for such rooms would be shades of blue or green. South-facing rooms have the advantage of sunlight all day and would therefore appear brighter and better in pale shades whereas west-facing rooms should have a rather stronger shade.

5- Preparation Products

While the colours, textures and finishes are important for interior painting, some other important factors have also been identified by this Bluebird guide. This includes knowing the amount of sunlight reflecting in a room, understanding the importance of ceilings and also having a vision for each room (snug or big). However, all these decisions would go in vain if the preparation products are not taken into account. Getting a desirable colour is often challenging and this is a goal that cannot be attained without the use of a primer (white or tinted). Previous wall colours can often interfere with revamps and affect how a room appears after it has been repainted. Bluebird provides a 3-in-1 primer which is a sealer as well as an undercoat to ensure maximum wall penetration and adhesion. In fact, Bluebird also offers Wall Putty which is a ready-to-use filler for interior masonry and plaster surfaces. These preparation products play a very substantial role in ensuring that the homeowner’s vision comes to life!

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