With a vision and a simple idea, the Batla family established a foundation and roots in the region. The company has grown substantially since it began in 1953. Initially, with a myopic view, Bluebirds focused on creating commercial paint. Since it excelled in doing so and prioritized quality, it grew by leaps and bounds. The extent of this growth can be seen in Bluebird’s global intermediaries and worldwide sales. However, slowly the Batla family realized how the need for preparation products in paint. In the early 2000s, the company started selling its paint brushes, wall putty, primers and paint accessories.

Innovation is a continuous process at Bluebird Paints and the textured series introduced by the company it’s a testament to its innovation. With textures like concrete imitation wood, concrete stone, concrete sapphire and even concrete crocodile texture, the company wished to provide its consumers with a wide range of options to revamp their homes. Consumers have always been at the heart of Bluebird’s strategic decisions. Whether it’s the brand’s new textured series or its new location, customer convenience and satisfaction are always taken into account.

This is primarily the reason for Bluebird’s expansion in Pakistan. The brand has recently opened up its state-of-the-art experiential outlet at Bukhari Commercial in DHA. The reason for this expansion is undoubtedly customer-centric. By opening up at a prime location, the company wishes to provide consumers with easy access to the outlets to ameliorate customer experience. Our stores are designed to provide budding artists and confused homeowners with a sense of direction. The in-store free consultation allows the brand to establish rapport with consumers. It allows the brand to first understand what the consumers are looking for so that their queries and requests can be facilitated accordingly. Our in-store guides have been meticulously trained to walk consumers through the lineup of textures. These individuals are cherry-picked from a pool of talent based on their creative skills, zest for decoration and people management skills. These individuals help you find the right colour pallet, the right texture and the finish. In short, they are the key to making your vision come true. They make sure, swatches and colour wheels are also provided so that artists and homeowners can visualize their vision and make informed decisions accordingly. From choosing a colour to its final application, Bluebird paints embrace the journey with its customers and are there to provide support throughout the journey.

In fact, Bluebird also closely collaborates with vendors and retail outlets stocking and supplying their products. Our business managers work around the clock to address any concerns consumers might have regarding the paint’s performance and quality. In fact, they physically visit these retail outlets from time to time to engage with consumers and better understand their points of view. Any reservations regarding the quality are addressed by Bluebird’s in-house team which comprises a certified Bluebird Paint Applicator, a technical assistant and a commercial/quality assurance manager. This extensive process as well as back-and-forth communication continues until all reservations and queries regarding Bluebird Paints are addressed.

Moreover, even if after all the help and consultation, consumers are iffy about their purchases or colour choices, they can always resort to the Bluebird refund policy. To go all out for its consumers, Bluebird has a comprehensive refund and exchange policy. View the returns and exchanges section on the website to learn more. The application for a refund is a straightforward process to facilitate consumers and improve their experience. This is part of Bluebird’s quest to ensure quality.

The Bluebird vision is to provide unrivalled dedication and offer consumers the very best paints for their safe havens. Whether it’s exterior enamel paints, interior emulsion paints or our widely preferred textured paints, we wish to offer nothing but the best. It’s ingrained in the company’s vision. Since homeowners are trusting us with their most sacred and prized possessions, their homes, we wish to maintain this trust by providing an unmatched quality product. The sole reason an experiential store has been created in Karachi’s prime location is to help consumers make informed decisions. Our experts, business managers, and technicians are all qualified experts present to walk you through the process and clarify any and every possible confusion.

Bluebird goes above and beyond to facilitate its consumers as mentioned above, however, that’s not all. The company is also heavily invested in reducing its carbon footprint and assuaging the negative impact on the environment. Bluebird has never compromised on the environment in the past and it wishes to continue this trend in the future as well. The world is suffering from global warming and the emission of greenhouse gases and its repercussions can be witnessed by the drastic climatic changes around the globe. Even though we play a trivial part in controlling the emission of these gases, we take pride in our contributions. Bluebird has, from the beginning advocated for the preservation of the environment. All the paints supplied by the brand are lead-free and non-toxic. This means no hazardous gases or fumes are exuded by the application of such paints. Additionally, several biodegradable materials are used in the formulation of these paints to preserve scarce natural resources. The Bluebird goal is to work on low VOC paints to enhance the quality of indoor air and reduce the recurring problem of urban smog.

By emphasizing product quality, consumers and the environment the brand has made it this far. It has been in the market for nearly seven decades and intends on staying for the next seven as well by ruling in new markets and on consumers’ hearts!

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